Just Own It

OK - Why do we the people feel embarrassed when we stink up a bathroom that's not our own?

Why do we the people try to become invisible instead of just claiming stinky or loud farts?

Why do we the people dummy up and fail to give a person a heads up when we notice that they have bear in the cave, something stuck on his/her face, or a zipper that's decided to do it's own thing?

I mean stinky poo poo? C'mon why'd you go into the bathroom? To plant roses? Wait, roses stink...

Oh and the tell-tale flatuation... it happens. And if you're of a certain age it happens A LOT.

Is this something we teach our children? Or fail to teach our children? What's up with feeling awkward with this bodily ... stuff?

I have had several conversations with my Mom that have been interrupted with her question, "Do I have anything in my nose?"  Yeah, I was grossed out - (and still kinda am) with the fact that I actually had to look up her nose. I mean when I notice it on my own that's one thing but being invited to look? MAAAHHHMMM!!!! But it's a very practical question that I can appreciate  (Except for the time she asked me while she was standing next to a mirror - I think she was just messing with me) But yeah, she did not hesitate to ask me or any other family member about her "breathers" *boogers that flap*  Wait, now that I'm here: what's the socially appropriate name for booger? It's not mucus - well maybe dried mucus. Would we feel more comfortable asking "Do you see any errant, dried mucus in my nasal cavity?" Is it a formality thing?

I've been on the wrong side of my share of awkward moment: 60 minutes into the first class I ever taught at a university I realized my zipper was down and visibly so. I'm an animated instructor so I was walking all around the class working off my nervousness... and then I looked down. YIIIPPPEEESSS!!! Yeah, I was embarrassed but I also made it a teachable moment, "Class, if you ever see my zipper down, something stuck in my teeth, in the corner of my eye, or in my nose please be clear that I'd rather not present that picture to you. Help a Sister out and just tell me." While I was slightly embarrassed by the initial discovery making this speech wasn't embarrassing at all.  I have made it before in staff meetings, group get-togethers, etc. but then it's usually a preventive maneuver.  Except for that time something jumped out of my nose and onto the floor - again while I was addressing staff. That was probably the first time I offered freedom from the politeness (?) that allows folks to walk around looking crazy. I mean I'm tall! You know you saw it - just tell me!

And you might be thinking that it's a personal hygiene issue, and the person's own issue, right? That's not the issue.  We all get "caught out there" at one time or another. The issue is us being left "out there" by the people we were just with.

So, let's start a new trend - the next time you're faced with an ungraceful bodily function inspired moment...  Own it. Address it. Then get over it. We're adults, we can handle this.





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    Just own it. Words to live by...

  • In reply to David T.:

    Thanks for reading and commenting, David!
    Yeah - I'm pretty sure life would a bit more simple if we would...

  • I LOVE this post, Allison! And I know exactly where you get this point of view....you are a Boy-Mama, a Mama who must accept open discussions about strange bodily noises and smells as part of her every day life :)

  • In reply to jiyer:

    Ha! Yes, there is a certain no-frills-ness to Boy-Mommyhood. It's actually quite refreshing ... well... not all of the time...

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