It's not a virus, it's a plague

Yes, I'm late with this post. I'm usually an early morning blogger ,but I've been in full time working mom and wife mode all weekend. Remember that horrible virus my daughter had 2 weeks ago. Well, now my husband has been in bed with the same thing since last Thursday.  It was a pretty crappy Father's Day for the poor guy. Meanwhile, after working morning and night on Saturday, I spent Sunday out with my daughter so that her father could rest and also to avoid falling ill with this plague ourselves. Most importantly, I took our daughter to see her paternal grandfather, so at least he could have a nice Father's Day. (I think everyone had the same plan I did because traffic to the suburbs was horrendous.)

I don't like it when my husband is sick. He is not a bad patient, the thing is that he is so involved in the day to day operations of our family that not having him doubles up my workload. I'm not saying the guy doesn't need guidance and a to do list like any other man, but I'm lucky enough to have a husband that really helps.  So I guess this Father's Day really reminded me, once again, that a great Dad is a vital part of a family. Hats off to all those men who live up to the expectation.  Ay Mama!

PS: Great patient and all, women can agree that if guys had to deal with that "monthly visitor" they wouldn't be knocked on their asses by a cold.  I know, I know Steve, this is a lot worse than a cold.

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