HELP! A mask, STAT

Sore throat started yesterday, chills today. Can you believe this plague hasn't left our home? I better not have this virus. I don't have time for it, no way. Too much work plus the Royal Visit. No, the Dutch and Duchess of Cambridge are not coming to Chicago this week. It's my parents, the King and Queen of the family that arrive for an unprecedented 2 week visit.

You'd think I would be thrilled to be sick and have my Mami take care of me, but my mom has been monitoring our health for the last few weeks and when I told her my husband had contracted our daughter's virus, she replied: "Maybe I should cancel our trip because you people are all sick." I have a very rupturing mother but after she turned a certain age, she has no interest in being around any contagious person, even if she gave birth to him/her.

So I need whatever this is to come in and out of me quickly. If any of you reading this know my mother, you better not tell her I think I'm getting sick. (I'm talking to you Lili, you are my sister in law and we are in this together.)

Who am I kidding, she will know. I'll avoid calling her because this woman can tell if her children are telling her a lie even without having us in front of her. But some maternal intuition will alert her and I'll see her coming down the escalator at O'Hare on Thursday wearing a surgical mask and putting one on my reluctant Papa. Ay Mama!

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