Cooper and Cole have become the ultimate frenemies.  They are the best of friends one minute and tackling each other the next.  I think they are bored at home and are just sick of each other.

Since we moved, I took the boys out of Goddard for the summer.  The school was too far away from where we live now to take them and I did not want to start a new day care just for the summer months.

So all they have is each other for the summer, and me.  Unfortunately, our new neighborhood does not have any kids their age and upon multiple visits to the park, we have not met anyone for play dates.

So it is just us this summer and it’s wearing on all of us. 

I have them busy with park district classes and library programs, but it’s not enough.  At least in Algonquin, they had kids to play with in the neighborhood.  Plus there was an abundance of parks with tons of kids ready and willing to play.  We just have not found that yet here in Barrington.

So it’s June 21st and the battles continue. 

Both Cooper and Cole look for ways to torture each other.  Cole takes a toy from Cooper and runs with it.  Cooper never let Cole win at anything. 

Any suggestions on what to do with my ‘monsters’ this summer…please help!!  They need someone to play with besides each other.

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