Best Cupcakes Ever?

Part of the fun of moving to a new place is exploring the area and finding your new favorite things.  For me, there never has been any competition to my all-time favorite cupcake place…Sweet Mandy B’s on Webster in Chicago.

For years, they have been my favorite cupcake place and I would stop there every time I was in Chicago…no matter how far out-of-the-way we had to go.  Ken did not understand, but the boys did, especially Cooper.  He loves their cupcakes as much as I do.

So the other day when I was driving around with the boys, we passed by a place called Couture Cupcake Café and Gelato Bar.  I had to try it and see how close it could compare to Sweet Mandy B’s. 

So Cooper, Cole and I gave it a try and all I can say is WOWI ZOWI!!!  

First off, the place is so cute, decorated like a French café.  And then you see it…an amazing selection of cupcakes.  The café offers a decadent selection of cupcakes and cakes and all are named in honor of tres chic designers like Jimmy Choo, Burberry, Chanel, Besty Johnson, etc. 

Creativity is flowing here at Couture Cupcake Café as they have different ‘collections’ for everyone, including a men’s ‘bacon’ inspired cupcake. 

It’s a chic niche bakery in the Northwest suburbs that serves over 125 gourmet cakes & cupcakes.  Couture Cupcake Café also offers cakes that are Gluten Free, Vegan, Organic, Sugar Free cakes, cupcakes and pies.

The Café also prides itself on being a local place and it donates 10% to a local church, charities and other organizations.

So if you are in Kildeer, off our Rand Road, check out Couture Cupcake Café and Gelato Bar.  And you must visit their website at to see their amazing menu of cupcake creations.

As we were eating our cupcakes, Cooper said to me “So does this beat our Chicago cupcake place?”  I told him, it just might.

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