A Fantasy Date With A Weatherman

As many of you know, Ay, Mama's very own Ana Belaval is also one of WGN's very own. It's unclear how much her connection may have added to our prankster-isms, but I have a feeling her nod of approval may have aided us tremendously...

In fact, if all goes well, we will be enjoying a tour of the old Number 9 studios during their morning news broadcast on this very day. (For those not in Chicagoland, WGN's morning news program far exceeds anything on the national news. The on-air talent actually have personalities, and they even rush to embrace the ridiculous (that's an art).

Without further ado, a fantasy date...

                                                                Blurry Scene Segue

ONCE upon a time, there lived a happily married mother of three, named Amy L. One fine day, Amy L. made a fateful mistake, and mentioned to her friends that she had a little celebrity crush on a certain local weatherman.

Months passed, and soon plans were being laid for the kingdom to celebrate Amy L's 40th birthday.

Unbeknownst to Amy L, she had revealed her innocent secret to a genius mastermind, Amy O! Amy O devised a plan. She gathered her minions. When she foretold how hilarious it would be for them all to contact Amy L's weatherman 'crush'  and appeal to him for a signed picture, there ensued much scheming.

Facebook was deemed an ideal format to contact The Weatherman. The three ladies all simultaneously messaged Sir Weatherman with tidings of their plea.

Expectations were low.

Much to their delight, The Weatherman not only replied, but left three separate and hilarious messages to each lady in return. He wholeheartedly agreed to send forth his image via post, with his name scripted 'neath.

There was much rejoicing. (yay!)

Normally, one would think the genius mastermind would be sated. Nay. She again contacted our trusty weatherman to advise him that she was 'dreaming bigger'. Would Sir Weatherman film a small clip to show at the party? We would provide his words, and it could be posted on youtube. And furthermore (did I mention she was an evil mastermind?), would he be so kind as to send forth a jpeg with high resolution for blowing up into a poster?

Sir Weatherman replied, "Aye".

The minions were floored and fast becoming worshippers not only of the mastermind's scheming brain, but also of Sir Weatherman's generous spirit for fun.

The script was sent. The video cut and posted. All was right in the world.

Again... you would think that would satisfy our Mastermind. Bwa ha ha!

Two posters were then carefully crafted, each bearing the smiling visage of one of the 'dating' couple. Plans were set forth, and on one fateful Tuesday, The Mastermind and her minions gathered their camera and notepads and set forth to capture a fantasy date between said weatherman and Amy L. as two photo posters.

Delicious ice cream was enjoyed at Capannari's. Dinner at The Blues Bar. A talking film viewed at Randhurst AMC. A climactic near-drowning at the wave pool.

A slideshow was assembled with a musical score, awaiting to be revealed at the party.

In a delightful twist of fate, experienced only in fairy tales, Sir Weatherman then outdid the Genius Mastermind herself. An electronic message was delivered, informing them that the birthday girl, the Mastermind and her 2 minions, along with their 4 spouses would be most graciously welcomed to tour the studio in which his meteorological predictions are devised.

It has been told that the mastermind and her minions were each spotted jumping up and down with glee in their yards over this surprise.

The day of the party arrives, and it's a smashing success. After much mead and spirits were consumed -some via beer bong, (seriously, it was a request of the host to have one, and next thing I knew Scott was fashioning one in our kitchen), people gathered, and both videos were revealed.

Amy L's face was a vision of smiles. Laughs were shared at seeing Paul's poster pushing Amy L's poster on a swing, and then her husband's cameo as he walks in on the two, had guts busted. (Rich, you stole the show!). When The Weatherman's recorded message aired, none could believe it.

Amy L's  squeal of joy could be heard 'round the realm as we were invited to tour the studio.

...and scene

To view our slideshow, click here.

To view Paul's recorded message, click here. (rated PG-13)

The Cast:

Amy Lies, Birthday girl & crusher

Paul Konrad, Weatherman extraordinaire, Generous Guy & Crushee

Amy Olson, Mastermind

Kelley McCarron, Minion A

Keri Graham, Minion 2

Eileen MacKenzie, Honorable Minion

And finally I would like to send wedding blessings to two wonderful couples as they start married life together tomorrow. Kristen and Heather are getting married in New York while Maria and Farah are tying the knot here. Congratulations to both happy couples!


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