You Don’t Have Time to Brush Your Teeth

You Don’t Have Time to Brush Your Teeth

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Yesterday morning was a typical Monday in my house:

I was exhausted from staying up past 2AM working on Project Ladybug stuff; the kids were up at the crack of dawn well rested from a good night’s sleep.

I could barely pull myself out of bed; they climbed on top of me and all over the bed, as if I am an amusement park.

The kids wanted to eat; I wanted to lay in bed watching my friend Ana Beleval’s show choir segment.

The kids needed to get dressed; I threw on gently worn jeans and hoodie.

The kids’ hair had to be done; I pulled mine up in a ratty pony tail. The kids wanted to brush their teeth; I brushed mine and told them we didn’t have time to brush theirs.

[car tires screeching]

What the what?!?

The kids love brushing their teeth. They have battery operated, Dora and Cars toothbrushes. They know how to apply the toothpaste themselves. Atia can push the button to make hers start, Asher needs help. Atia has been obsessed with flossing her teeth ever since a dentist visited her class and introduced the kids to good dental hygiene.

I don’t know what I was thinking, other than we were running late. Like, late-late! So, to save a few minutes, I opted to sacrifice that part of the kids’ morning routine…

“Yes, we do! Mommy, yes, we do. We wanna brush our teeth!” the kids cried out. I don’t remember ever being that excited about or disheartened about not brushing my teeth. This just goes to show that my kids are far more orally responsible than I was at their age (or after, for that matter).

Okay, so yesterday, I didn’t win the Mother-of-the-Year award, but today’s a new day. And today, they brushed their teeth!

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  • I have to say there's nothing worse than little kids' stinky breath. I'm sure their teachers are very grateful when there's time to brush the teeth!

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