Yeah... boys live here

What's it like in a house full of boys (there are only 2 - but it seems like there are many more)? The video tells a small part of the story...  but then there are the conversations.


Noah (10): "I just realize I went to the store with no shoes on. They didn't even notice."

(Right, how'd he just realize he walked a block with no shoes on - but I digress)

Me: "You lucked out. There are usually signs 'No shirt, no shoes, no service.'"

Noah : "OK. So next time I can go in with no pants on."


I walked in on this breakfast conversation:

Noah: "Remember when I jumped and fell on my nuts?"
Me: "Whoa, you don't really need to be using that term..."
Genesis (13): "Yeah... I don't want to hear that - I'm sitting here trying to eat my biscuits"
Noah & I (never mind my age): "Huh? What does THAT mean?!"
Genesis: "I don't know. I really don't know... I just don't want to hear about your nuts"


Tucking the boys into bed with big sentimental hugs...
Me (to my 10 year old): "You're gonna always be my No-ee, is that OK with you?"
Noah: "Yes."
Me (to my 13 year old): "And Genesis, you know you're gonna always be my Gen-a-boo, right?"
Genesis: "Yep. And I'll be someone else's Sexy Beast."


Yeah  - they're crude, inappropriate, and funny... and they're all mine... well ... OURS. They are all ours (I'm gonna say they got this wildness from my husband)

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  • Allison, I have REALLY missed your "boy" posts! Thanks for sharing.

    This morning at breakfast I was trying to go over months and days of the week with my almost 4 year old, and he kept getting distracted. So here was the conversation:
    Me: "Lenny, if you don't learn, how are you going to go to college and get a job so you can make money and have a house?"
    Lenny: "I only want a wife, not money"
    Me: "No girl will want to be your wife if you don't have money"
    Lenny" "Did Daddy have money when you married him?"
    Me: "Yes, 'cause he went to college, see, so he could get a job and make money"
    Lenny: "OK, let's look at the calendar. Mama, who's smarter, you or Daddy?"
    Me: "We'll talk about that later, honey (when I have figured out if it's OK to say I am smarter *grin*). Time to go to school now."

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