Working Mom guilt

Last Friday, I had one of the best days at my daughter's school. It was the Mother's Day Celebration and the pre school teachers didn't forget a thing. The kids sang, read poems, served us treats. The decorations were adorable and the goodie bags included a sugar body scrub (I know, fancy) that each student made from scratch with their teachers' help. We also received a booklet where each kid drew a picture of his/her mom and described her.

"I love my mom because she is kind of cute and she really loves me so much. She loves my neighbors dogs, just like me. And she is funny."  Amelia

Kind of cute, that's hilarious. Plus, I totally dig that she finds me funny. I don't understand the dogs comment, but it is true and it shows how, thanks to our neighbors J and E, Ame has gotten over her fear of dogs.

The other gift that floored me is the description of what I like to do, specifically these two lines:

"She also likes to play in the park in the spring. But she mostly  really likes to work at her work."

"She always likes to work and see people on horses."

As a working mom, I immediately take this the wrong way: my child feels neglected and thinks the only thing I do is work.  But right before I texted my therapist, I stopped myself (perhaps as a result of so many years in therapy). At four years old, my daughter understands that I love what I do, that I have a passion for my work and that my job makes me very happy.  As she grows up, she'll know that her mother worked hard to achieve her dreams and that she should also find something she loves to do for a living. Instead of feeling the working mom guilt, I chose to believe that I've already become a positive example for my girl. And, she is right, I like to see people on horses. Ay Mama!


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