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What a goofy 70's TV show that was, right? Roj and his buddy Rerun wearing his suspenders everyday and doing his funky dance. C'mon, I bet you can still do it... arms up, then down.

No, I'm not gonna talk about that show, but titling the blog thusly did make my brain drift...

I'd like to wish a very happy Mothers Day to all the Moms and Grandmothers out there! Enjoy your day and spend it how you wish- whether it's with family or avoiding them. It's YOUR day.

Anything new in your world?

Around here, everyone is making communions, having dance recitals, taking field trips, gardening, playing baseball or soccer, gearing up for summer, scheduling camps, and just plain busy. Hell, even Lollapalooza is selling out so fast, we had to jump to get our tickets (and we usually buy them the week of, and only once we have a sitter confirmed!).

May is always the craziest month.

With all this ado, I thought a nice pleasant, random chat was what the doctor ordered. I am also enjoying a trip to the library while Scott and Zoe are both home sick. Ugh.

On the way to the gym on my bike, the School House Rock song "The Preamble" came on. Usually I skip it when one of my kids' songs comes on, but I found myself turning it up and singing along: "In 1787, I'm told, our founding fathers all sat down, and wrote a list of principles that's known the world around."

I remember our 8th grade history teacher stood there flabbergasted as we, the first class raised on School House Rock, sang the preamble to him in its entirety. It must have been a wonderful thing for any history teacher. (Why is flabbergasted not used more? I think it's the first time I have ever even typed that word.)

As some of you know, last fall I was having irregular heart beats, or PVCs. I would have about 80 'spells' a day, and it really, really sucked. I also decided to share this news with everyone. I am normally very secretive about medical crap, so I figured talking about it would be a good jinx.

The drug the cardiologist put me on worked wonders. I only have about 4 waves of PVCs a day, and am feeling like a normal person again! Yippeee. I will probably take Nadalol daily, but Beta Blockers are such a common drug, and there are no side effects for me. Score. (I like that variations of this drug all end in LOL. Snert).

It's interesting how your body reacts to stress or ill health. I realize now that I was sicker than I wanted to admit. I have noticed all this hair, about an inch long, growing back on my head. I was losing my hair during all that heart stress! For God's sake. Really? Now I look kinda ridiculous in the hair department, but I don't care. It's a marker of better health; I can bear that cross.

I am glad to slam the door closed on that chapter of my life. I am also back on the workout routine, and on a health kick (curse you swim suit season!). I am feeling better than I have since September 11th, when the PVCs began (knock on wood).

My friend Keri & I took a Piloxing class on Sunday. I know, right. WTF is piloxing? Pilates meets boxing. Our friend recently got certified to teach it (from Vince Vaughn's mom, seriously!), so we decided to patrionize her class.  We punched and we lengthened. It was actually really fun, but my obliques and inner thighs were killing that night. Scott made fun of me for groaning whenever I moved.

I'm getting old.

For the first time in McCarron children history, neither kid needed a follow up dentist appointment. Sing it angels: hal-le-lul-ia! No spacers. No teeth pulled. No cavities. Nothing. My pocketbook thanks you.

Now I will leave you with some words to live by:

When about to sit on the potty, don't pass gas. Your face will soon occupy the space your butt just did.

Ay, Mama!


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  • This piloxing class sounds interesting! Where did you go to take it? I'd love to try it!

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