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Working Mom guilt

This is my 4 yr old's description of me as told to her pre school teachers.
Last Friday, I had one of the best days at my daughter’s school. It was the Mother’s Day Celebration and the pre school teachers didn’t forget a thing. The kids sang, read poems, served us treats. The decorations were adorable and the goodie bags included a sugar body scrub (I know, fancy) that each student... Read more »

What's Happening

What a goofy 70’s TV show that was, right? Roj and his buddy Rerun wearing his suspenders everyday and doing his funky dance. C’mon, I bet you can still do it… arms up, then down. No, I’m not gonna talk about that show, but titling the blog thusly did make my brain drift… I’d like to wish a very happy Mothers Day to all... Read more »

A Mother’s Day To Remember

Ever since I became a mom almost six years ago, I had to work Mother’s Day weekend.  I worked for a floral company and Mother’s Day was the busiest time of the year.  The week before and after the holiday would require me working long hours, and on Mother’s Day weekend, I was working both... Read more »

My Testimony at the Illinois State Capital

My Testimony at the Illinois State Capital
Laura and Atia, 4 years old My previous blog The day I testified at the Illinois State Capital Building in front of the House Revenue and Finance Committee was nothing short of extraordinary. While I was proud of my speech and the role I played that day, it was so much more than that. It... Read more »

Tell them what you want

My policy about gifts is the one my mother practices until this day: “Tell him what you want, leave no room for disappointing surprises.” Notice I said him, that’s because most of the time, my mother used that strategy with my father. She was all for surprises at the beginning of their relationship. They were... Read more »

Cute Baby Bunnies

“Truly a wonder of nature, this (sub)urban predator” – Primus, “Tommy the Cat” I am writing about this to hopefully exorcise some demons (or is it daemons?) I need to get this out, and what better than to theraputically share via the intimacy of the world wide web? My cat Tiki, a sweet and cuddly monster, found a... Read more »

The Search for the Perfect ____!

As I tell the boys, part of the fun of moving is the search for the perfect____…whatever that may be!   As we get acquainted with our new home, neighborhood and town, now the adventure truly begins as we try to find our new hangouts.  Parks – We love parks and in Algonquin had names for... Read more »

Ready To Roll (well, almost)

My thighs hurt. I am learning how to roller skate and my last lesson was all about “how to fall.” Falling is an important part of skating and doing both well require squats, lunges, stamina, and much much longer list of skills that I either need to learn or renew. I skated when I was... Read more »

You Don’t Have Time to Brush Your Teeth

You Don’t Have Time to Brush Your Teeth
My previous blog Yesterday morning was a typical Monday in my house: I was exhausted from staying up past 2AM working on Project Ladybug stuff; the kids were up at the crack of dawn well rested from a good night’s sleep. I could barely pull myself out of bed; they climbed on top of me... Read more »