I'm Mom Enough

Did you see the cover of "Time" magazine last week, with the picture of a toddler standing on a stool to breast feed? I give them credit, it was a good marketing ploy as every news outlet was discussing the cover, and now even me.

This mother, her son, and the doctors leading this parenting style also made the talk show circuit, promoting the 'Helicopter' style of parenting.

How ever people wish to parent is fine with me (outside of neglect or abuse, you know, within sane guidelines). If you wish to nurse a kid old enough to ask for it, go ahead. It's not my damned business, however I may feel about it.

The beef everyone I've talked to about this doesn't lie in the parenting technique itself, it lies in the headline "Time" added to this photo: "Are you Mom Enough?"

Excuse me? 

Just WTF does that mean?

In the context of  helicopter parenting, are you asking if I am 'Mom Enough' to nurse my kid for several years? To wear them constantly on me in a papoose? (Does a Bjorn count?) To sleep in a bed with my kids AND my husband?

How do these things make someone more of a mom than someone who never breast fed, who needed to put that baby down in order to get something done, or who likes being in bed ALONE with their spouse (I would rather be 'wife enough' on this front). Sheesh.

Kudos, ''Time'. You've made headlines with your headline.

You also annoyed a ton of us mothers out there.

Personally, it was hard enough keeping my husband happy in the bedroom when I spent all day raising babies and toddlers. Is there intimacy when you are sleeping with kids in your bed? Is there sex? (Not judging, I really am curious about this one.)

We moms can be our worst enemies. We judge each other over whether you had natural childbirth or used drugs. Did you deliver vaginally or C-Section? Are you going to stay at home, or return to work?  If you don't nurse, you are less a mom... And now add this into the mix-C'mon!

No one knows what's going on in people's lives behind closed doors. Maybe you adopted and never produced milk, or that precious baby didn't take to nursing, despite repeated tries and heart breaking failure. Perhaps you NEED to work to afford this wonderful and expensive baby, and are unable to carry your child with you all day and night.

If you spend quality time with your kid(s), take them to school, sports, playdates and activities, and see that they are growing into decent, caring human beings, THEN you are mom enough.

Ay, mama! and Oy!

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