Did I just hear a lullaby?

Oh, no I didn't. It's just the sound of me staring at the computer screen. Either that or it's the sound me trying to read teeny tiny letters that make up ridiculously long words. Words that I'm pretty sure aren't English or intended to be read by anyone who likes to drink beer or watch television.  OK I don't know what that last sentence really means, but reading, standing, sitting, silence, and/or noise... they all sound like lullabies to me.

What I mean is: It doesn't take much for me to slip into La La Land. I'm practically stalking the SandMan. My family, studies, job, etc. leave me so tired that sometimes I can't even go to sleep. That's SOMEtimes. Most times... well, let me explain it like this:

  • Since I've started grad school I've learned to sleep while seated and leaning waaaaay forward without falling over - Yeah, kinda like those heroin "nods" you see in the movies.
  • I've learned to sleep while seated with the back of my head on my spine and my mouth open like a cartoon (without snoring - thank you very much!)
  • I've learned how to sleep leaning against the sink while in between washing the silverware and the pots. (I was letting them soak).
  • Of course I've fallen asleep on the toilet (duh!)
  • Oh and the one that had my boys laughing at me (I think the other scenes were just disturbing to them): Apparently I can sleep while sitting in front my laptop with my hands not on the keyboard - but hovering above the keyboard as if I was just about to write something.

Of course there's a lot I can say about this whole tired-but-rewarding-hustling-Mom thing - but you know where this is going...




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