And He's Off!

My little Liam is learning how to walk, and I am a nervous wreck!

I don’t know if it’s because he was so small and frail when he came home (remember, he was my first newborn), or maybe it’s because I know he is our last baby and I’m not quite ready for this milestone, but I find myself hovering over him with my arms extended at all times, trying to avoid any injuries.

Honestly, I was never this nervous with Dylan when he learned how to walk. Granted, Dylan was much older than Liam when he started walking – 14 months as opposed to Liam’s 11 months – so that might have a lot to do with it. Liam still seems to SMALL to me. When I see him standing up and taking those tentative five steps before he stumbles, I always think “He’s too tiny to be doing this!”

He’s not, of course. If he wasn’t ready, he wouldn’t be doing it. I know this in my rational mind. But when I see him standing erect like a tiny man, smiling proudly at his achievement, my heart starts pounding hard and I instantly rush to his side. To Liam’s credit, he doesn’t seem bothered at all by my hovering and is always glad to walk straight into my arms and give me a great big hug (which  makes my rapidly pounding heart melt to a pulp).  

I have to learn to let go, though. Falling is just par for the course when learning how to walk, and I am not always going to be able to catch him. I know that. But yet it is so very, very hard to let go.

In fact, I hear Liam waking up from his nap as I am typing this, so I’d better go. Bill doesn’t hover over him as I do, and God forbid my baby should take a stumble!

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  • Khadine, our Lenny started walking at about nine and a half months. That, coupled with his curious and fearless exploration without giving thought to obstacles in the way, made him stumble and hurt himself many times. It was a big change for me after our ultra-cautious Nina, who only got one teeny, tiny bruise once during her entire toddler years.

    Even though I got used to the difference in Lenny after the first several bruises, it didn't completely stop my heart attacks! Finally, my husband and I hit upon the perfect solution. We found an excellent light weight helmet that we kept on him at all times as he ran around the house. It really protected his head beautifully - sometimes from what could have been serious cuts or even mild concussions, yet it didn't affect his mobility because it was so light weight. I highly recommend this - it will give you peace of mind :)

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