A Prized Ponytail

A Prized Ponytail

Atia Lutarewych, 4 years old

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So here we are the Tuesday after The Ladybug Bash, and my goodness, that was one spectacular night! We had Stars. We had Cars. We had Glitz. We had Glamour. And best of all, we had a venue full of Chicagoans showing Dina Manzo what a huge heart this city has, all in the name of charity. I have so much to share with you and so many to thank, but alas I don't have all the pictures, facts and figures in yet, so my review and thanksgiving will have to wait until next week...

In the meantime, life on the homestead goes on and today was a big day for the Lutarewych family.

Ever since Atia was diagnosed with cancer, her hair has been a bit of a litmus test for us. I've written about it. I've lamented about it. I've reveled in it. Just as the doctors have drawn, logged and evaluated Atia's blood, we've tracked, gauged, and studied Atia's hair. Though far less scientific, Atia's hair loss and growth gave us insight as to what was happening beneath her skin.

We were launched into some of the most difficult terrain we'd encounter when her hair began falling out. During our darkest days, a flickering light of hope was lit when the first sprouts of delicate blonde wisps began to peak through her soft, smooth, bald head. And months after chemo ended, we felt a sense of relief as her thick, full curls grew long enough to gently graze her shoulders.

Discussing Atia's hair has been part of our daily routine. Every morning we decide how to do her hair that day. Should we do piggytails? Should we just add a bow? Should we do braids? Yes, recently she's been asking me to braid her baby-fine hair. They are the cutest little things, just like Pipi Longstocking's, they stick straight out.

Today, as we were getting ready for dance class, Atia asked me to put her hair in one big ponytail in the back.

"Mommy, I want my hair to be like my friend Giannie's. At gymnastics, when she jumps on the trampoline, her long yellow hair bounces up and down when she does", Atia said. "Okay", I agree and held my breath.

I wasn't sure it could be done. I sprayed her hair with water, combed it out and then began swooping it upwards. Little by little the strands were pulled up into a high ponytail. My eyes and smile grew with each passing stroke. It was happening. My baby's hair was actually long enough to create the hair style she wanted. I banded it, added a pink puffy hair accessory and then stood back.

Atia slowly turn her head to the right and then to the left admiring this new "big girl" hair style. She looked directly into the  mirror, and while on the step stool, she carefully hopped up and down. Her hair bounced. It bounced! It wasn't a huge bounce, and Atia noticed that, but it was a bounce nonetheless.

With a smile in her eyes and concern in her voice she said, "But, I want a long ponytail, one that swings back and forth and bounces high when I jump."

I stepped toward her with a warm, quick hug. "In time, my darling. In time."

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