A Mother’s Day To Remember

Ever since I became a mom almost six years ago, I had to work Mother’s Day weekend.  I worked for a floral company and Mother’s Day was the busiest time of the year. 

The week before and after the holiday would require me working long hours, and on Mother’s Day weekend, I was working both Saturday and Sunday.  I hated the holiday. 

Before becoming a mom, I hated it because I did not have kids and Mother’s Day just ‘threw’ that in my face.  And after having Coop and Cole, I missed being with them on this special day because I had to work.  I could really care less about it for me, but it was for them, I thought they were missing out. 

Coop and Cole could not be with their mom on Mother’s Day.  They could not take me to brunch, hang out at the park and just recognize that I was their mom.  Yes, we could do it on a different day (which we did), but it was not the same for them.

This year is my first year I will be home for Mother’s Day and I can’t wait.  Whatever they want to do, I’m game.  I am really excited for them to be able to have a memorable Mother’s Day with their mom.

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