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It’s Been 3 Years Since…

It’s Been 3 Years Since…
My Previous Blog We were like walking zombies as we helped push Atia’s stretcher down the long, white, vacant hallway. It was eerily silent, except for the squeaky wheel with perfect tempo. Squeak, 2, 3. Squeak, 2, 3… It was almost midnight; we’d been in the emergency room since 5pm, over six hours. Confusion, numbness,... Read more »

Help a mom out

You can’t ban families with children from flying the friendly skies. I agree that, at times, kids don’t make for the best travel companions, but I oppose any thought of grounding families like mine. With that said, I do believe it is the parents responsibility to do anything possible to control their children at the... Read more »

Happiness is Rancor Shirts and Spiderman Shoes

I was one of those kids who loved playing dress-up. I’d leave the house wearing a Snow White dress and cowboy boots and would spend a happy afternoon shopping with my mom or playing with my friends, oblivious to people’s stares. Even as a teenager, I loved wearing my mom’s old clothes from the 60’s... Read more »

Beach Walk 2: Eclectic Boogaloo

For the love of all that is holy…the gals in my family are sick. Zoe spent Easter on the couch making her inaugral viewing of “Monty Python & the Holy Grail” (the snake guy movie, as she calls it-Ha). We have been giggling over those lines all week. Hearing her say, ‘It’s only a flesh wound” in an English accent... Read more »

Goodbye Algonquin

So today the movers are here (and not the Imagination Movers…that would be sooo cool!) to pack up our stuff and I am very sad.  We have called Algonquin home for 13 years and I love our house and this town. We are moving because we want a better life for our kids.  We want... Read more »

I Do It While She’s Sleeping

My previous blog Every three months during Atia’s cancer journey she endured spinal taps, as part of her treatment protocol. Thankfully, she was sedated while the fluids were collected and chemo was injected. Going under anesthesia always scared her. She didn’t like the feeling of loosing control and becoming sleepy. Who does? It’s nerve-racking when... Read more »

Finally Finalized!

When you talk about the adoption process, many words come to mind. “Birthmother,” “baby,” and “travel” are just a few that most people think of. However, someone going through the adoption process pretty quickly learns the importance of another, less romantic word: paperwork. There is a ridiculous amount of paperwork involved in adoptions, and at... Read more »

Our Beach Walks

One of my favorite things to do with the kids is to take them on a beach walk. Not only is it good Kid-Mom time, you never know just what you might discover. From finding petosky fossils in Michigan to rescuing sea life at the ocean, we seek it out. Last week, we spent our spring break... Read more »

Some Sense of Normalcy

We have one week before we move…one week!  And I am trying to keep some sense of normalcy for Coop and Cole, but it is hard.  The clock is ticking and the house is a wreck.  We have so much to do, but I need to remember the guys need some fun too.  I put... Read more »

Are you gonna eat that?

I’m in one my all-the-food-all-of-the-time modes.  It doesn’t even feel as if I’ve been eating that much – but even if I can’t recall how much I many snacks or meals I’ve had, I can tell when I’ve gone to far. And I’m here to make it plain: I’ve gone too far. When I start... Read more »