Kids and technology

Motherhood has taught me,time and again, that you can never say never. Case in point, I told my husband I would never buy our toddler her own iTouch.  "She's 2, she can't have a device that costs over $100."  Well, Amelia doesn't have her own iTouch, but uses one of our old iPhones to watch her videos and play educational games.  We never refered to it as such, but as soon as she could  figure it out, she would call it  "my phone".

My husband and I just purchased an iPad.  As a memeber of the pre computer generation, I embrace technology, but I still feel like it's a luxury to buy one of those fancy gadgets. I coveted the iPad for a while and when we finally bought one, I thought to myself  "this is so unnecesary; this is so much money; I'm afraid to break it."  We hid it from Amelia for 24 hours but, as soon as she saw me "working" on it, the 4 year old said nonchalantly,"nice iPad, Mama". ( Her teachers have one in her pre-k classroom, so the kid is incredibly familiar with it. )

With that reaction, we are firm on limiting her access to the iPad, but we bought it in part to have her watch movies during our plane rides to and from Puerto Rico; that way we don't have to take yet another gadget, the portable DVD player.   And then my husband sends me this article about tablets for kids:  and I wonder if this is just inevitable.  I already saw how Amelia works my "fancy, costly gadget"  and we may be better off getting one just for her.  See, never say never. Ay Mama!

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