Hello Barrington

So we have landed.  We found a house in Barrington and are moving in soon.  It’s weird for Ken and me as we bought an existing house…something we have never done.

Both of our previous houses we built which was awesome because everything was ours.  We picked everything out and made it our own.  It was our colors, our taste, our vibe and our germs!  Yes it does freak me out that I am living in someone else’s house but I hope with a lot of Lysol I can get past that.

We have been looking for a house for a year (Ken has been looking for 3 years) and there hasn’t been a lot that we have liked out there.  Yes, we are picky and particular, but really, nothing checked all of the boxes.

We considered building again, but there are not many options for land to build upon in 2012 be it a good neighborhood or affordable.

As we looked at houses, I started to realize that we were not going to find the perfect house.  We started to make concessions here and there and the house we are buying is different than what we originally started out wanting, but that’s life.

This house has most of what we want and the kids love it.  Coop liked this house the moment we walked into it and that is really important.  I know we can’t pull a ‘Sara Michelle Gellar’ and make a decision based on a 5-year olds opinion but it is something we considered.

So maybe it is not the perfect house.  Hopefully it is good enough to become the perfect HOME!!

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