Beach Walk 2: Eclectic Boogaloo

For the love of all that is holy...the gals in my family are sick. Zoe spent Easter on the couch making her inaugral viewing of "Monty Python & the Holy Grail" (the snake guy movie, as she calls it-Ha). We have been giggling over those lines all week. Hearing her say, 'It's only a flesh wound" in an English accent tickles me (and her accent is already better than her Aunt Wendy's 'Reeelly, rather', attempts at Brit speech)

I too have been sick. I could not get out of bed on Wednesday, and now have Zoe home again Thursday, so I ask you, how am I to get to the library to write? I decide to drag Zoe along with me for a few minutes and then write more about my nerdy beach combing adventure, damnit. Then we're off for bed again. Well, after we take our cat to the vet. She is wearing the Cone of Shame (Thank you 'UP' for that timeless reference). She has a gash on her tummy from something, God only knows what, and is walking backwards all over our house trying to get out of the cone. Poor kitty.

And now, since it ties in so sweetly, I found my holy grail of beach combing. I had been looking for one of these since my marine biology class in Jamaica, where we failed to find one- and this time...I found TWO!

Scott & I took a lovely bike ride during low tide. I still wonder why he'll ride with me at low tide. We may go for miles, but are stopping so often, we don't break a sweat. I am always seeing something.

I look out into the surf, and see a dark blob in the waves. I leap off my bike. What could it be? I yelled for Scott to stop again. He begins his circling... (this is how I know he loves me).

I run into the water. Is it? It is! I yell out: Strombus Gigas! Scott looks at me as he always does...what the hell has she found now. I reach down, and come out of the water with this HUGE queen conch shell- and it's alive. It's foot was embedded deep into the sand & he tucked in as I lifted him out.  I held it up in the air- victorious! I found one! It was so big, even Scott got off his bike to take a good look at it.  

I started singing ala Willy Wonka- "I found a strombus gigas!" I was so excited! I still am. Then I took it way deep, as far as I could go in shorts, and held him down so his body would come out again to anchor himself. These are the shells the collectors seek- they'll kill him to sell the shell and maybe eat the meat. If you've ever had conch, this is what you ate. Well, no one was gonna get this one, or the one I found 20 minutes later.

As soon as I got back to  the house, I sent a message to my friend and fellow classmate Kristen. I told her only the Latin name & asked her if she remembered what I found. She wrote me back right away, excited that I found a queen conch. She then laughed about how we remembered the latin names, like singing "Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah" to remember the fire coral: Millipora Camplanata! Ay, Mama!


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