When to ?

We push the boys to ask for help when they need help. We've explained that teachers actually want to questions from their students. We've even trained ourselves to not jump in and "fix" their problems before they ask us for assistance - and even then we TRY to ask them questions in an effort to help them help themselves. The point being - help is OK - just ask.

I point out this information to say admit I may be a huge hypocrite on this topic. It's a flaw.

I don't like asking for help because I'm afraid I won't get it. I'm afraid that people will think I'm not as smart as they might think I am... OR even worse, my asking for help confirms their belief that I am not very bright or strong. And it's not to say I've NEVER asked for help - I just have rarely felt good about the request. And I usually battle with the concept of asking for assistance to the point that I wait until the last minute and then I'm too embarrassed to reach out.


OK - I finally decided to address this issue when I heard myself tell someone, "Asking for help doesn't mean you're less intelligent; it just means you want some information."  Later that day I slowed down enough to think about my advice and I was convicted.

Soooo, I need to get over this hump - and admitting an issue is the first step in solving it, right? Right. And that's progress.

See... I'm helping myself, which means...

... this is a process.

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