Mom inventions

I had to go to an event a few weeks ago, so my husband was in charge of taking our daughter to swim class all by himself. Amelia has been taking  swimming lessons  for almost a year now and, most of the time, both of us go with her.  Hence my surprise when I told my husband he had to take his little girl to swim class by himself and he answered: "Well, you have to tell me what she needs for swim class." My husband is an extremely helpful and involved father, but I've discovered that all men need instructions when it comes to the kids.  I think there is a Mom hormone that Dads clearly lack that enable us to multitask and figure things out as we go. Men just aren't wired the same way and women have to accept it and move on.

I was lucky enought to check out some of the new gadgets coming soon to a store near you at the International Home and Houseware show. I've attached my favorite segment which feature products invented by Moms, including one that could come in handy when we leave the Dads in charge of the kids. Ay Mama!

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