It's Totally Lost

I never lose anything.

I still have my original college ID. OK, maybe not a big feat over the last 20-some years, but I lived with it daily for 4 years and never lost it once.

Last Tuesday (or possibly Wednesday), I lost my license, credit card and $15.

Gone from the face of the earth.

I am not girly (no way! you say) and don't carry a purse. I tuck my ID in my pocket and I'm off. I like to be mobile and ready to go at any moment (another reason I am thankful to be out of the diaper-bag-phase of life.)

I tore up my house. Every nook, cranny. Pocket of coats not worn in months...nothing.

I couldn't sleep, retraced my steps. I was afraid to drive, because of course, I'd get a ticket or in an accident. I ranted and raged to any near me.

I said to Sam, "I am so frustrated, I never lose anything!" He looked at me, all 7 years of age, and said, "apparently, you do".

I now understand why Homer throttles Bart so.

I relented. Monday I went to the DMV (after one last house tear-apart). It wasn't that bad; I texted while waiting. (What did we do before texting? It was nice catching up with my neice Kelley at Uof I, my sister, Mom and friend Keri.)

Keri's text re my ID: "That sucks, I bet you find it now."  Of course I will...

I posted on Facebook: "Uncle! It's official, my stupid license is lost. The house torn the DMV"

A reply from friend Tad: You have a license to be Stupid? Man, Illinois regulates everything!

The very next day... you guessed it. I was sorting laundry & felt something in the pockets of a fleece top. I had searched my laundry. I only wore that top to take the kids to school. No...way. Seriously!? Mystery solved-one day too late.

I left a message with Scott. Texted Keri.

Her text back: LMFAO

I answer Scott's call warily...all I heard was laughter. Lots of it. He then informed me was was totally laughing at me, not with me.

At least I know I surround myself with a supportive crowd. Ay, Mama!

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