A Drama Queen Is Born

I have never considered myself a girlie girl, let alone heaven forbid a “drama queen”, but I think I am becoming one.  I believe it is environmentally-induced as my life is in a bit of an upheaval.  Everywhere I turn I have stress.  No wonder I seem to have a panic attack every night.  See…Drama Queen!

My work is causing me stress as I have a ton of projects due and travel coming up at the end of the month…which I hate.  Drama Queen! 

We are moving and need to be out of our house in mid- April.  That’s about three weeks away and we are nowhere near packed.   Meanwhile, I don’t really want to move, but oh well, the house is sold…I have no choice.  Drama Queen!

We have no confirmed place to move into at this point.  I am very freaked out about that uncertainty.  Drama Queen!

I completely overacted when Cole had his surgery and wanted to cancel it.  I was afraid of the small risk of the anesthesia vs. the huge reward of him living a better life.  Yes big Drama Queen!

I hope once my life settles down, my drama tendencies will subside, but there will something else after all this…I’m sure.  That’s life.  Things don’t ever stay the same. I had better learn to deal with things better than I have recently.  I would love to be a queen, but not a drama one.

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  • If it helps, you are my queen (drama or no drama). This will pass and things will settle down. As I always say, we have gotten through every challenge put in front of this. We will get through this one as well. Love you, Your hubby

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