Toys, toys, toys

I’m about to throw the Transformers out the window.

All day long, all I hear from Dylan is, “Mami, can you turn Optimus Prime into a truck?” “Mami, can you turn Optimus Prime back into a robot?” “Mami, how do I turn Bumblebee into a car?” “Mami, can you help me?” Aaaaaargh!! It is driving me absolutely nuts.

Added to all the incessant questions is the fact that you need an engineering degree to change these things from robots to vehicles. For those of you lucky enough not to know, Transformers toys come in different difficulty levels, ranging from 1-4.The level 1 ones are fairly easy and Dylan can now assemble them by themselves. He has a couple of those, which he likes, but they tend to be smaller in size than the level 2 ones, so he doesn’t play the level 1 ones as much. I refuse to even attempt to transform a level 2, because if Dylan finds out that I can do it, he will never cease to torment me.

Dylan spends most of his days trying to convert his Transformers from vehicles into cars, and invariably ends up breaking off a head, arm or leg and either crying until I pop it back in or leaving it on the floor where his brother- who is now army crawling all over the place - could easily find it and put it in his mouth. I swear I am always finding Transformer pieces in the unlikeliest of places.

Sometimes I wonder if these toy manufacturers have children of their own or if they have a sick, sadistic sense of humor. The joke’s on us parents, of course, because we keep buying them for our kids. Dylan’s birthday is not for another two months and already he has an ever-growing list of items he wants to get as presents. Every time he sees a new toy on TV, he says “Can I get that for my birthday?”

I want to be one of those parents who will say “No, you can’t. You will get a sizeable donation to your college fund instead.” But I’m just not. There is no way in hell that he will even get half the presents that he has added to his list – at least from us, and I don’t really think he has enough friends or family members to get them all, either – but I am a sucker for seeing the excited look on his face when he gets a toy he really wants.

I draw the line at more Transformers, though. There is NO WAY he is getting another one of those.

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  • Love this entry as I can totally relate. Coop has a few Transformers and yes, they are impossible to 'transform'. My plight now is Legos. Both boys love Legos and they are small, fall off easily and little pieces are probably in every room of my house.

  • Ladies, I've decided that if I have a second child, he/she will not get toys with small parts. Amelia has too many little trinckets that spread all over the apartment. So, are you listening Auntie Lisa, only items with no small parts.

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