Mom's Day Out, Geneva Style

I have spent every single day the kids have been in school within a half hour radius of that school. Until this past Monday...

Three moms piled into a car and drove to one's hometown of Geneva, IL.

What a cute community. Nice streets lined with lots and lots of  shops and restaurants. Perfect for an unseasonable warm January day. We were all excited.

We shopped. We strolled through cute little store after cute little store, oohing and aahing over what we saw. The cool thing was that the shops were in old houses. You meander through living rooms, and even the bathroom-now showroom. We imagined what it was like to live in such a huge place long ago.

My favorite was the consignment shop for kids, where there were actually size 7  Burton snow pants! (too small, drat!). This is apparently a wealthy community, and I happily took their slightly used designer name kids clothing off their hands for less than $5 an item! Thank you rich people!

We start to enter the store we had saved for last, before eating lunch, when my phone rang. It was the school. Uh oh...

It was the school nurse.  Zoe was in her office with one of her migraines. Shit. And I'm at least 1.5 hours away. I had specifically watched each kid that morning for signs of sickness. I had to make sure they were all ok before I felt good about leaving. And now here it was...

I told Zoe where I was, though I am also an idiot and said Galena, but she wouldn't know the 3-hours-vs-1.5 hour away difference at least. I told her I could not get her right away, and she bravely said, "OK". I felt horrible.

I told her I'd call her Dad, who was only 30 minutes away at work, and she went to lay down. Thank God Scott was available. He was able to pick her up and bring her home.

There was not much I could do and she was now home. We were starving, yet I wanted to get home for Zoe... there's that Mommy guilt! We went to a deli instead of that sit down lunch with wine we were looking forward to, alas, and drove home.

I cuddled up in bed with her and tickled her back, and she was better the next day. Ay, Mama!

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