It's just one Nugget and a few fries

Does this picture look familiar? That was my lunch yesterday. I finished my daughter's buttered noodles from the afternoon before and chased it with a few fries from her Sunday lunch. Take a moment to get over the fact that I fed my kid crap two days in a row. (Sometimes it's like her Dad and I her food vacation during weekends, before her Mima feeds her fruits and vegetables during the week) Now, back to the topic at hand, a few years my friend and blogger Kelley told me that she couldn't she the shed  5 pounds because she kept eating what the kids would leave on the plate. Well, now that I have a four year old, I can totally see that happening. 

My girl has re introduced a lot of delicious childhood treats back into my life.  (I work on TV so you know I've been food deprived for a while.)  Let's just start with Halloween candy. In an attempt to keep her healthy, my husband and I ended up eating what we stashed away from her.  Honestly, I had forgoten how good Lay's chips and Mini Crunch bars taste.  

I try my best to make the right choices for Amelia and I, but I really can't wait until I have to pack a lunch box for her. One Oreo cookie for Ame, 2 for Mama. Ay Mama!

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