I Thought I Was A Tomboy, But…

The other day, my friend was telling me about the day she had with her seven-year old daughter.  They went shopping, then lunch, got haircuts and ended the day with a mani/pedi.  It sounded great to me as I cannot remember when I had a day like that in years.  For me, I can barely get my sons into Target unless we need food or are going to the toy section.

This friend is the same one who told me when I was pregnant the second time that I should want a girl.  She said I would be left behind if I had two boys, but if I had a girl I would have a buddy for life.  I disagreed with her then.  I wanted a boy so Cooper could have a buddy and the practical side of me wanted to be able to reuse the clothes. 

I am thrilled to have two boys.  What I had hoped for has worked out as Cooper and Cole play together all the time and are very close.  And I have always considered myself a tomboy so having boys is great.  We play sports, have Star Wars battles, rock out to drums and set up the coolest race tracks all over the house.  However, I am starting to see what my friend was talking about regarding the benefits of having a girl.

First of all, girls clothes are so cute.  Now that Cooper is in size 7 clothes, the ‘cute’ selection is slim.  Everything is skulls or cartoon stuff, even at Gymboree.

Also, when we have family movie night, it’s always boys’ movies like Hot Wheels, Rescue Heroes, etc.  When it is my turn to pick a movie and I mention something gender neutral like Tangled, they freak out and say, “No girl movies”.

The other thing about boys is that it’s amazing that everything can be turned into a gun or weapon.  Legos, blocks, pens, etc.  I am constantly getting ‘shot’ or ‘blasted’ for even the simplest requests like wash your hands before dinner.

How about those Lego kits with hundreds of pieces and 60 steps to complete the project? How simple and delightful does a tea party sound or some dress up time.

Finally, how nice would it be to not feel guilty about leaving or having to find a babysitter when doing basic grooming things like haircuts or mani/pedis? Also how fun would that be to have a buddy with me to share in those simple tasks.

I love my boys and am so grateful to have them and that they have each other.  But I see what my friend was talking about.  Both Cooper and Cole gravitate to Ken when he is home.  I know some of it is because they don’t see him as much, but Ken also knows stuff…guy stuff.  Ken will take apart a broken light saber to fix it and involve the boys in the fixing process.  I would just go buy a new one.  Ken is better at setting up battles, building stuff, doing experiments, while I am not. 

Oh well, I guess I just need to borrow my friends daughters from time to time to get my ‘girl fix’.  I guess I am more ‘girly’ than I thought.

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