I never thought of that?

I just met a woman who reads Ay Mama! every once in a while. She asked if I ever switched my daughter from her first day care. By now Amelia is in her third school so I realized, she was indeed a seldom reader. What I loved is that she told me: "I don't have any children, so when I read your blog I find myself saying 'Wow, I never thought of that.'"

That got me thinking about all those details you don't think about before you have children. I'm in the middle of one of those right now. Before I had Amelia, I assumed that when our daughter went to school, I didn't need to worry about childcare anymore. Well, I just signed up Amelia for a seven week half day summer camp, but who takes care of the kid when camp is over. I'm blessed to have someone who can pick her up and take care of her until I come from work. Plus, I have a schedule that lets me be with my girl in the afternoons. What do parents who work 9 to 5 do? How much does the whole summer care cost them?  This has to be quite the expensive proposition.

How about you? What were those questions you never thought of before you had children? I've been a mother for 4 years so I would love to hear what I haven't thought about yet. Ay mama!

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  • I read this blog for a long time now, yes, you can guess from my nickname that I don´t live in Chicago (although I used to), I don´t even live in the USA anymore, but I´m a mother, a mother asking the same question Ana does. What the heck I´m going to do with my two kids (5 and 3 1/2) during summer. I live in a country with generous vacation time, at least for American standards, and yet, together with my husband´s days off and mine, (and without sharing one single day of vacation as a family together) there are still a plenty of days left where my children would just have to go to some summer camp...or be with my parents and drive them crazy. At least I have my parents, but.... It´s so unfair, they are not a package you just pay (and a lot) and leave them, with somebody you hardly know. This is a universal problem!!!!!! Vacation time used to be a time to enjoy, not to endure until rutine sets back.

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