First Halloween, now Valentine's Day?

You know how I told you that I hated Halloween until my daughter started getting into it? Well, I don't despise Valentine's Day as much, but I've never been a fan either.  Well, guess who emailed the pre school teachers to find out what Valentine's treats Amelia could bring to school tomorrow? Yep, yours truly.  Again, I've been sucked in by my daughter's excitement.

"Valentine's Day is when you tell someone you love them and you give them something" explained the 4 year old. ( A sweet yet clearly materialistic thought.)

My first reaction was "crap, I better get something for her", but then I realized that this is one of those "holidays" where the really good moms send their children to school with adorable, crafty, often home made creations for every classmate.  This good mom is on her way to the Dollar Store for glowsticks, kisses and paper hearts.

Just like I'm not dressing up for Halloween, I am not preparing a romantic dinner for my husband or expecting a dozen roses.(Our Valentine's Day should be every day, damn it) I'm not embrassing the festivities. Although I do have to get a card since I've heard he already got me one.  Let's see what I can find for a dollar. Ay Mama!


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