Encore: Through Her Hair I Saw Survival

Encore: Through Her Hair I Saw Survival

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So here it is Tuesday afternoon and I'm just now getting around to writing my blog that should have been posted this morning at 6am. It's been one of those weeks and weekends...

With that said, I figured this was the perfect opportunity to feature one of my past blogs, originally posted over a year ago: Through Her Hair I Saw Survival

I adore this entry on so many levels, but mostly because it captures the feelings we had when seeing Atia's new sprouts of hair for the first time (in November 2009). At that point in Atia's cancer treatment, it'd been nine long, difficult months and those baby fine, precious hairs completely rejuvenated our hope.

I invite you to experience what the moment was like for Steve, Atia and I.

Note: the featured image in this entry is the picture that's missing in Through Her Hair I Saw Survival

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