Snowboarding or Skiing

I want the boys to try a winter sport.  We will try ice skating in a few weeks, but I also want to have them try skiing…or should it be snowboarding?  I am not sure. 

I learned to ski on Wilmont ‘Mountain’ in WI.  There you ski more on ice that on real snow.  I have also skied in IA too, but my best experience was with a work trip to Aspen.  Wow!  That was skiing.  I was actually skiing on snow and could go for a mile or so without stopping.  I loved it.

I have never tried snowboarding, but heard it is fun, especially for young kids.  So which one should I have the boys try first:  snowboarding or skiing?

Of course, I hit the Web and did some research, but have found a mixed reaction.  Some people say skiing is easier for kids since snowboarding requires more balance. However other people said snowboarding is easier since it’s harder for kids to keep their skis straight and not cross the tips.

I also wonder if Cooper and Cole are too young to ski or snowboard.  Probably not though since I read about kids getting on skis at age two. 

So do I start with skiing or snowboarding for young kids…any thoughts?

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