New Years Ski

New Years Ski

The stupid cable to upload the camera finally showed up.  I hate not being able to find things, and I looked everywhere for this. Even took out the flashlight and searched under the desk. I found a lot of cereal, lint, popcorn and general gook, but no cable. Then I cleaned under the desk. Scott said he found it right on the desk. How could I miss it? I said someone must have found it and put it there. We'll never know...

We took the kids skiing- and they loved it. Success!

I sucked at skiing. I could manage the blue diamonds of Colorado, albeit slowly. My sister and I would move from side to side down the mountain, singing The Blue Danube Waltz along the way. (Ba-da da da dum, crash crash, bang bang).

I took up snowboarding in my 20s, and finally could go down a run swiftly. It was liberating. It was a literal pain in the ass to learn and you need at least two days, falling the entire first day. It's teaching your body how to manouver a new gadget, but once you get it, you've got it. Like riding a bike (which is true, I got back on my board after a 7 year hiatus, and went right down the hill, no problem.)

This New Years Eve, we finally joined my sister and her family on their annual ski trip to Dubuque, Iowa's Sundown "Mt", and yes, we sang Gordon Lightfoot's Sundown the whole time. "Sundown, ya better take care..." It was so fun spending time with my neice and nephews, and boarding with them. They are all really good now, and this old lady kept up (I did a hard fall hot dogging it and chipped a tooth, but you cannot really tell, so...).

We debated what to have the kids learn. Skiing or boarding. Since we're both boarders, we felt strongly they should learn how, but after talking to my sister Wendy, we decided to teach them to ski (well, let the instructors teach them). Wendy advised that since we had one day (there was no snow on New Years Eve), we wanted the kids to actually DO something and succeed, rather than fall all day then not get back on a board for months. So they went for ski lessons with 5 of their buddies, and we spied on them.

They did great. In fact, after their lesson, Zoe wanted to go for more. Unheard of! So we took them out back for more. Running down the hill after them.

I think we have a new tradition for New Years Eve, and in talking with the families who joined us, we're not alone. Finally, something I can enjoy on that day! Ay, Mama!


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