New Year's purging

Happy New Year to all our Ay Mama fans. May 2012 be filled with health and happiness for all of you. How did you spend the first day of the new year? Nursing a hang over? Trying to get your toddler to go back to sleep after you allowed her to stay up until midnight and she still woke up at 6AM? (If anyone has a child who wakes up later if he/she goes to bed later, let me know. I think that's just a myth)

I spent January 1st purging my life of material possessions. No, I'm not going on some New Age, less is more binge. I just woke up feeling like I could not be surrounded by so much useless stuff this new year.  The same useless stuff we've been moving from state to state, apartment to apartment, cramming it in on every possible overcrowded shelve for the last 10 years. You see, when we got married  we were victims of the wedding registry. Three wedding registries to be exact since we had one in Puerto Rico and two in Chicago. Yes, they yielded fabulous gifts that we have enjoyed for a decade, but also all the fancy china, silver trays and gravy boats that have rarely seen the light of day in our home.

It's not that we didn't like that stuff, after all we picked it all out, it's that all that fabulous and elegant entertaining my mother, mother in law and aunts told me I would do as a married woman never really happened. Actually, I'm not sure that kind of entertaining happens in this century anymore. Have you ever been to a dinner party with a table that sits twelve and each place setting has an average of 2 wine glasses and three forks and knives?

Most of my girlfriends that married around 2000-2003 find themselves in the same predicament. With a buffet or china cabinet full of Kosta Boda vases or candle holders they don't even know they have.  I should also mention that we have extras of a lot of stuff because our generous family and friends on the island bought the entire registry and we needed to add more items. I still remember Steve and I walking around that fancy store at the mall trying to figure out what other silver plate frame or carving sets we liked.

So today I had enough of overcrowded covers and I asked my very willing husband to help  me purge.  Because who needs three ice buckets (2 glass and one silver) and two whiskey decanters? Maybe some prop house in Chicago can use it for a local theater production a la "Mad Men". Ay Mama.


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    Love this post Ana! Recently launched Wedding Republic which helps all too common above scenario that stem from traditional wedding registries... would love to reprint part of your post on our blog!

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