Back to school

Today marks the end of Winter Break for my pre schooler, FINALLY! You'd think she was in a Catholic school in Latin America where we celebrate The Feast of the Epiphany or Three Kings Day on January 6th. She has been off from December 21st until January 9th. After spending a week in Puerto Rico for Christmas, my daughter found herself at home for another week and half.

As you know, I have a pretty flexible schedule that allows me to be home in the afternoons. Trying to entertain the four year old every day for almost 2 weeks was a daunting task.  My daughter only goes to school part time. I can't imagine what parents who count on school to take care of the kids while they work a 9-5 job do during those three weeks. I had to pay for extra child care for a few hours. I know a friend who had to take vacation time from work to stay home with her girls.  It can't be a wonderful time of the year for stay at home moms either who can catch a break while the kids are in school.

I am all for keeping my culture alive but I propose we all go back to our routine on January 2nd. I can have Amelia open the gifts from the Three Wise Men before she leaves for school.  Ay Mama!


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  • I love your analysis of the whole thing, but you also need to consider the teachers. I'm just saying. Yes, it is very hard to entertain children, I have my own. But, teachers also need the break and be revitalized to teach those lovely children. In addition, having to go back to school or work immediately after the hustle and bustle of the holidays is very difficult regardless of the profession. At least you have some regularity, your child goes back on a Monday. Mine got out on a Wednesday and had to return on a Thursday. Welcome back to school and the daily routines.

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