The Worst Christmas Carols Ever!

I love Christmas Carols, as the music can just be amazing. When songs evoke memories of childhood, loved ones or Chritsmasses past- that's some powerful stuff.

I love that carols can be religious or secular, serious or whimsical, but also, they can totally suck. Especially when it's a treasured song being sung horribly- that pisses me off (like when The Jonas Brothers (gag) mutilate "Joy to the World"-I can't reach for the dial fast enough!)

Another hated gem: "Last Christmas" by Wham!. Vomit! OK, you got dumped last year, get over it already, but do we need to know you'll just give your heart away to someone special? Ugh.

I have asked my Facebook Family again for their thoughts on the worst Christmas Songs out there. I love how one person can hate a song, (I'm looking at you, Dominick the Donkey), while another person adores that same tune. Hee haw, hee haw!

Mark C: I'm not much of a hunter, but hearing Paul McCartney's 'A Wonderful Christmas Time' makes me want to go out and shoot some reindeer.

Marni F: ‎'Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer'..... it sticks in your head and you can't get it out.... and then the kids get started singing it!! :0/

Keri G: Haven't heard them yet, but I'm betting the Justin Bieber Christmas will annoy the crap out of me

My Dad, Tom F: "The 12 Days of Christmas" UGH ! ! !

Eileen M: ‎"Dominic the Donkey" has to be one of the worst all time Christmas songs. No explanation needed. Another contender is from Band-Aid, "Do They Know it's Christmas Time", the lyric, "just be glad it's them instead of you", is just not right. I recently heard, "Funky, Funky Christmas", by New Kids on the bad.

Keri G's retort:  I have a cheesy sort of love for "Dominic the Donkey" & "Feed the World" - but I get it.

Matthew S: cyndi lauper's "santa baby" is pretty awful. did eartha kitt not accomplish all that was required for that song?  i hope you solicit the "best" songs next, because i want to talk about "i want a hippopotamus for xmas."

My Aunt Kathleen G: Well, I'm pretty much a sap for all Christmas songs, but I could do without Alvin & the Chipmonks "Christmas, Christmas time is here". It's the only song I don't sing along with! I have an album with "The 12 Days of Christmas" sung by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir with full orchestra - it makes that monotonous song soar! Really!

Kathleen S: ‎"I'll Be Home For Christmas". It always makes me feel sad. I know it was written around WWII for the soldiers but I always think of loved ones who have left us.

Lisa H: I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus. Nice message for the kids. Your momma is tramping late at night with the fat guy that snuck into your house bearing gifts.

 Robin O: that live aid "Do they know its christmas?" Don't even get me started on the stupidity of trying to stop world hunger during xmas and ignoring it the rest of the year....

My sister Wendy C: Jiggety jig Hee haw Hee jaw it's Dominick the donkey...

Brother-in-Law Roger C: Santa Baby. Silent Night. JK

And if you're still here, health update, post Cardiologist: have just started Beta Blockers, which lower blood pressure but may also help stop my heart from it's crazy beats. There is no asnwer as to WHY or WTF if going on, it just happens. Randomly. Argh. Let's hope the drugs work, and they don't mess up my already way low BP (usually 90 over 50).

Props to my heart buddy Nick, who saved my sanity by telling me: "Anxiety doesn't cause irregular heart beats, but irregular heart beats CAN cause anxiety." I saw pages of printouts showing all the PVCs I have each day. Oy. Come on drugs, as the alternative: ablation surgery and I don't wanna!

Thanks for listening, I am making myself be public about all this, as I am one to clam up and not tell anyone but the inner circle. See, I may have a broken ticker, but I am turning over a new leaf in life! Ay, Mama!





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