Complications of an Interfaith Marriage

It took 10 years but our religious differences have finally put a dent in our marriage. At least that is what my husband thought last Saturday when I ripped his head off because he came home with the "wrong" hooks for the Christmas balls.

"You don't send the Jewish guy to buy hooks for the Christmas ornaments." Good point but I've bought more than one dreidel in the last 10 Chanukah's that we have celebrated together. How could he bring home these twirly looking hooks that didn't look at all like the ones I grew up with?

I admit that I googled the hooks and found out that they are the latest and safest way to hang the ornaments from a Christmas tree. I apologized in vain, my husband was dialing my father's number to ask if he could still "return me for a refund." For some reason he ended up calling my brother who assured him this was not a religious issue:

"I've been yelled at because I brought home the wrong shade of red. I had to go back to the store and get the right colored balls for the tree or risk loosing mine."

Alas the problem seems to stem once again from our gender differences which apparently are at it's most apparent during the Holiday season. Case in point, I obsess about Holiday cards, Chanukah/Christmas gifts and decorations; Steve could care less about any of it. My husband was not taking a stand for his religion rather for his gender.

When he finally reached my Dad, my father who has been married to the same woman for 51 years had this response:

"Look on the bright side, she will never send you to buy anything else again."

If you ask his wife, my mother, that is probably the secret to their marital success. Ay mama!

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