Where Did The Time Go?

Yesterday was my 20th wedding anniversary, and I have to ask…where did the time go?  Ken and I have known each other for almost 30 years as we grew up together.  We started dating in college and got married a few years after we graduated.  Some
days it does not feel like we've been married 20 years and other days it feels like it has been a lifetime (and I mean that in a good way).

We started out as grade school friends, playing sports together in the backyard and really did not date until college.  At that point, we were doing the long-distance thing as we were going to different schools.  A few years after we graduated, we got married and life was great.  We were so happy to be in the same town together and be able to see each other every day.

So for 15 years it was Ken and me against the world.  We did everything together…travelled on fantastic vacations, had ‘friendly’ triathlon competitions, worked, built a home, had our pets and lived our lives with family and friends.  People constantly asked us about having kids, but we were both worried about how that would affect our relationship.  Eventually, kids did enter the picture.

We both laugh; kids are not as scary as we thought…they are terrifying!  Just kidding.  Even though our kids are trying to ‘kill’ us
slowly, we love them deeply.  As yes, they have definitely affected our relationship as we have very little (if any) time for each other anymore, but we are working on it.

Overall married life has been great.  Sure we have had ups and downs and times that we wanted to give up but we stuck it out.
The things that bug me about Ken are still there as are the things I love about him.  The good outweighs the bad.  That’s why we keep going.

Ken is my best friend. He is the one I want to talk to first when I have great news or if I have problem.  There are so many
things about him that I admire, reasons I love him.  I am so lucky to have someone that just wants me to be happy and will do whatever it takes to make that happen.  He shows me that constantly, but sometimes I just don’t see it or sometimes I forget why we got married.

It’s hard day-to-day to keep that in perspective; to put any petty differences aside and remember why we are together.  Life is short and can distract you from what’s really important…love.  That’s why special occasions like an anniversary or birthday are so important.  It gives us the opportunity to stop and let the people we care about know how we feel.

Happy Anniversary Ken!  I look forward to forever together.

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  • Lisa, I love this post because it reminds all of us that we need to take time for each other if we want to keep our sanity and build a healthy family for our children. Congratulation to you and Ken and may both of you grow old together just as you always dreamed.

  • In reply to vlopez:

    Thank you both.

  • I second Vero's emotion. It's been great to see you guys grow together and not apart. Love u both.

  • One of the things that bugs Lisa about me is my inability to be on time for things. That is my excuse for not being able to post this earlier. Late as usual. :-)

    On our wedding day I sent you a flower arrangement with 100 red roses and a card that said... here are 100 roses to represent the next 100 years I plan to spend with you. I meant it then and I still mean it now.

    Your post sums up our journey and we have shared many of those conversations over the years. Relationships will always have their hills and valleys but the connection and commitment we have enables us to navigate whatever is in front of us.

    You are an amazing woman in so many ways. Targeting a goal professionally and achieving it in a timeframe very few have, your unwaivering support of me over the years, your ability to look past my faults and recongnize my strengths, your courage to become a mom and your incredible ability to be the mother, wife and friend you are. Each challenge we have taken on you continue to impress me. This is why it is so great to be married to you.

    Looking forward the the next 80 years. I Love You and Happy Anniversary!!


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