What's the answer? No, don't tell me

I found another one. I couldn’t believe it because I thought I had gotten rid of them all. I guess not.

I was getting out the car and it caught my eye… I hadn’t seen this one before, but I’d found others around the house. But again, I thought … well, that’s what I get for thinking—and not paying attention.

There it was right in the drainage pipe -- clear as day, in the mouth of the drainage pipe: a red cherry tomato.

I had to laugh because I immediately knew how it ended up there – and it’s not because the cherry tomato bunny left it.

Noah, Noah, Noah, my dear Noah.

I found the first tomatoes in the cubby under the bench in the dining room. I know Noah eats cherry tomatoes as if they were grapes so I thought they had fallen into the cubby by accident. Silly me, one has to lift up the seat to reach the cubby, so how could they have fallen in accidently? But being a BoyMom, you just stop questioning things at some point:

  • Why is your sock on the roof of the neighbor’s garage?
  • Why are you wearing your Dad’s shoe on your left foot and your brother’s sneaker on your right?
  • Why are you out here with no clothes on?

Would any answer given make sense? Really?

And then there are some answers you need to know, but don’t really want to know. Like when you ask your child, who was in his undies not 30 minutes out of the shower, “Noah, what’s that pasty streak on your leg?” and he answers, “Snot. I’m doing an experiment.”

What?!  But see, that’s my fault, I should have never asked a question because, truthfully, I didn’t really want to know the answer; I know what dried snot looks like.

And so I didn’t ask him any more about the experiment … what else could the scientist with the streak of dried snot on his leg tell me? “Why?” Ha! Imagine that!

But when I found the tomatoes in the bench cubby, for some silly reason, I really figured it was a snack gone wrong. Then I after tomotaes in his sock drawer— I had to address it: “Dude, what’s with the cherry tomatoes? I’m finding them all around the house.”

And do you know what he said to me? “I’m doing an experiment. I just want to see what will happen to them.” OK. that was an easy one.

Now, I absolutely appreciate his desire to explore, he was always that kid who had a rock or something in his pocket but now there are cherry tomatoes in the craziest places.  Something has to give, so I calmly told him each tomato would decompose and we’d get maggots. I know that’s not true, but he’s afraid of maggots so I had to go for it.  I think my last words to him were something like, "OK, so don't leave them around the house."

And now I have a cherry tomato in the drain pipe.

Well, at least he listened.

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  • This morning 3 year old Lenny said to me, "Mama, you're a fox!" Flattered, I said, "Oh wow Lenny, you really think so?" And he said, "Yep, you like to go out and hunt and kill small animals - you're a fox, Mama!"

    This Boy-Mama has already learned not to ask questions or seek clarification. Ignorance is Bliss! :)

  • In reply to jiyer:

    That's HILARIOUS!!! But I'm going to say Lenny thinks liking "to go out and hunt and kill small animals" is REALLY, REALLY COOL!!
    Have a great week Foxy Mama!

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