Sometimes the stars align and something you dream about comes true. Sometimes.

Maybe it was Scott's 70-80+ hour work weeks. Maybe it was my new life of health issues and PVCs (still no reason why I have them), but dearest karma came in for us last weekend.

Scott could work remotely. My Mom and her husband Ed were free to babysit. We got a flight and a hotel room, and next thing I knew, Scott and I flew off for a two night stay in a mansion in Savannah, Georgia where he was to be in his childhood friend's wedding.

It was our first solo trip in a decade! Our last was for fellow 'Ay, Mama!' writer Ana and Steve's wedding in Puerto Rico when I was four months pregnant with Zoe. 10 years!

We arrived not knowing  a soul. (I didn't care. I was going away with my honey.)

So, get how the groom assembled his bridal party. I love this. The first was Scott, the groom's best friend until he moved across country as a preteen. Then was Mike, his new friend in his new town. Then Dean- his college buddy. Then some post-college and work friends-and Gizmo, his dog. He wanted the people who had made him the man he is today to stand up for him. Cool.

At the rehearsal dinner (in a lovely band shell directly across from our mansion), many of us didn't know a soul. Three of us couples gravitated together, and it was like having instant friends. We all had similar traits and senses of humor. You could tell it was surreal for the groom as he visited our table, as the first three buddies in his life all found each other and were hitting it off.

Savannah embodies the deep south, except for the cool front that came in making it sunny & 75 out! Awesome. There was a huge park right across from our mansion with ginormous trees dripping with spanish moss. People move much slower there, and their accent is so lilting and colorful, not the usual southern drawl. (If you see me, I'd be happy to oblige. It's been fun getting in touch with my southern accent.)

As you walk down a street, you'd come across a square filled with trees and green space with maybe a statue to whomever the square is dedicated. Our couple got married in one of these-it was a lovely affair, and I saw two others during the weekend (and totally stopped to watch.)

I came across Pulaski Square, and giggled. Living in Chicago, there is Pulaski Street, and Pulaski Day, where we get off school or work, prompting people to inquire who is Casimir Pulaski? His square had a huge obelisk with a plaque describing that this was where he died in the Battle of Savannah. I came full circle. (To see a moving panorama of Pulaski Square, click here-it's cool).

I walked the entire day, marveling at the beauty of this town. The churches! The trees! The mansions! Their passion for "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil"- which was filmed there! I shopped and visited Paula Deen's restaurant she runs with her two sons. I took a photo of the street sign across from her place which someone altered to say "Pay to Fart". It's now the wallpaper on my phone.

After the wedding, about 25 of us went out on the town. We found a bar and stayed until close, then sauntered off (loudly singing along the Savannah streets-I'm still hoarse) looking for another place still open. At 3:45 AM. We had no luck, so we raided a hotel room until security quickly moved us along.

We left knowing just about everyone, and in love with a new town.

Best wishes to the newlyweds. They sure threw an amazing wedding! I need a nap.

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