Mommy Pampering at Urban Mom Salon

Mommy Pampering at Urban Mom Salon

As a stay-at-home mom, I almost never have time for beauty and fashion. Don’t get me wrong, I like love to look good, but the reality is I’m one of those sweatpants-tennis-shoes-ponytail-wearin’ moms. Manicures and pedicures are such a treat. Fresh highlights are da bomb! The combination of the two, forgedtaboutit! No, seriously, forget about it. As a mommy of 2 kids under the age of 4 years old, I never, ever have the luxury of getting all of this done at once. Are you kidding me?

I can’t remember the last time I got my hair done without it being so late at night that when I return home the house is dark and everyone’s already in bed, or spending my precious Saturday afternoon at the salon. Both scenarios stink and both are because, just like most moms, I have to schedule my hair appointments around my husband’s work schedule. He doesn’t get home until after 5:30, so I’m always stuck closing down the hair salon being the last appointment of the night.

That was my life, until I heard about Urban Mom Salon which is tailored to fit the needs of mothers like you and me. It’s a kid-friendly salon that boasts an in-house daycare option. While you’re getting your hair and nails done, for a fee, you can drop your kids off with the certified childcare specialist onsite and focus on pampering yourself for a bit!

A few weeks ago Atia, Asher and I check it out for ourselves. When we arrived we were warmly welcomed and invited to checkout the playroom. Atia and Asher quickly found the Thomas the Train table and setup camp. Shortly thereafter, they noticed the playhouse, and the tent, and all the other cool toys; it didn't take long for them to warm up to the playroom or Maria, the kind childcare worker. Seeing their smiles, I knew they'd be okay so I said my good-byes and left the room. Little did they know, I stood outside the two-way mirrored windows for a few minutes observing to make sure they were alright. They were, so I moved on.

My hair stylist, Tara (who's also the manager), pointed me to my chair and thus began my pampering; it was such a nice afternoon. The kids played and I got the ME time I’ve been searching for. While I was there, several moms came in to get their nails done. We all of us smiled from ear-to-ear, and when making eye contact, nodded in agreement – no words necessary – yes, this is the life!

Urban Mom Salon's concept is brilliant, the execution flawless…

My only suggestion for improvement has to do with the two-way mirrors in the playroom. I ended up peeking in on the kids several time, and to my surprise one time Atia caught me. Busted! Luckily, she was having such a good time that she simply waved and went back to playing, but it could have gone the other way cutting my “pampering me” session short. With a quick fix, it’ll be perfect!

Check out Urban Mom Salon for yourself. You won’t be sorry! Here are the deets:

Urban Mom Salon
2143 N. Damen Ave,
Chicago IL 60647

Disclosure: I received a complimentary blowout and childcare service for purposes of this review.

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