I don't like Halloween

I know, it comes as a shock to you that I, who dresses up more than once for her TV job, does not care for Halloween at all. It's not for moral issues or dental concerns. Believe me, the candy part or the pagan dress up does not concern me. I just don't like it. I have never like getting dress up for Halloween.

I remember going trick or treating with my Mom and brother as a kid thinking: "Why are we doing this again?" "Why do I have to knock on strangers door for candy? "I'm hot!" (It's 90 degrees in PR on October 31st) As I got older it was the stress of having cool costume. Plus, I don't like being scared. You can ask my producer how much I despise covering the yearly haunted houses.

I don't like Halloween for myself but I LOVE IT for Amelia. I think the children look adorable and I love how excited they all get about dressing up. My 4 year old loves to dress up any time, any day but Halloween is still a big deal for her. It also helps that she has plenty of costumes in her closet so that she can wear a different outfit for all the pre Halloween parties.

So I won't dress up, I won't love this holiday for me but I'll make sure my girl enjoys every second of it. Happy and safe (by the way, anyone ever found the apple with the blade our parents warned us about?) Halloween!

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