Guess who's coming to dinner...

Hello Wednesday readers, as Ana mentioned a few days ago I’m the blogger-formerly-knows-as-the-Saturday-Mama. I will not be taking Nina’s place, just her space. Nina is a gem who managed to work delicious recipes into her articles; it doesn’t get much better than receiving information that is both helpful and tasty.

So when Ana asked me to move to Wednesdays, I must admit, I felt a little nervous.

But I had to let that go. And it’s not because I am insecure about my culinary skills – I started cooking and baking when I was teenager, from Betty Crocker cookbooks, to my Nana’s advisement to “add a lil’ bacon drippins” (yes, she told me that and all of her food tasted great), to my own penchant for experimenting, I’m a "good cooker”(<--- my younger brother's line).

I had to let go of the self-imposed pressure to share nourishing stories and recipes because I’m just not that nurturing.

There, I said it.

Wait. I don’t mean that – exactly.

Hold on, let me look it up:

  1. to feed and protect 
  2. to support and encourage, as during the period of training or development  
  3. to bring up; train; educate.

OK, yes – I am.

  1. I have 2 boys who are growing like weeds. I have no choice but to feed them. *Although, I often say I don’t like to feed them because the lack of food keeps them slow and easier to handle. But of course I’m kidding. (not really)            (yes I am)
  2. Even though the 12 year old is going through puberty and constantly talks about his “manly” chest (it’s a bird chest, he looks like 6 o’clock–straight up and down)  and my 10 year old is… I don’t know what he’s doing. Ya, I support and encourage them. I mean my husband probably does it more that I do–but we’re not talking about him.
  3. And yes, I try real hard to bring them up, train and educate them. I’m dead serious about that. A decade or 2 down the line I don’t want some woman to look at either of my sons and wonder, “What was your mother THINKING?”

So yes, I am nurturing. I’m just not very nice about it.    You’ll see.

But here you go, to help ease you through the blog transition, a recipe (I'm pretty sure it'll be my first and only one):

Beer Battered    (fill in the blank)   

  • Flour (a cup or so)
  • Baking Powder   (some)
  • Pepper, Garlic Salt (stuff like that)
  • Egg(s?)
  • Half of a cold beer (you know what to do with the other half)

Mix it together and taste it (if you don’t like the taste of the batter now, you won’t like the taste of it when it’s cooked).  Fry whatever you dip into it. Enjoy.

OH! I almost forgot the most important part of the recipe… add a lil’ bacon drippins!

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  • JaJa Allison, I think you meant Nina, not Nancy. LOL
    Liked your Saturday posts and now looking forward to Wednesdays.

  • In reply to jyvargas:

    Good Grief! That's what I get for waiting until the last minute to write... and having a co-worker named Nancy stop by unannounced.
    (My bad, Nina)
    And great save JyVargas! Thank you much muchly

  • I am your fan, you crack me up with your style! So are you going to post on Saturdays as well? I think your 12 year old should address on Saturdays all the interesting points you make on Wednesdays :)

  • In reply to jiyer:

    I like that idea (of the having the pre-teen do some work on Saturdays). Thank you SOOO much for reading my words and thank you SOOO much more for commenting on them; it's inspiration for me to do my best -- even when I am bleary-eyed and writing at the last minute. :-)

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