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I love my children. I REALLY REALLY love them. In that vein, I’m no different than most parents. But I just want to make that explicitly clear because lately I’ve been raggin’ on them a bit. All in good fun—but still… Sometimes they read my work and I don’t want them to think I only see them as stinky wild things who will eat anything that finds its way into the kitchen. I mean, I do see them as stinky wild things who will eat anything that finds its way into the kitchen, but that’s not the ONLY thing I see.

Noah & Genesis

For instance, my oldest is a beautiful, kind, and easy-going soul. Genesis dropped in on us at 9lb 2oz (not a problem, I have the hips for it) and easily grew to be the first born who made it easy to want a second born. I’ll spare you the super sappy/proud details but it became clear that I had fallen in love with this kid’s spirit when, at 4 years old, he said, “Mom, I just want to eat, drink, sleep, and be happy.”  Wow. I know kids say the darndest things – but when they nail life right on the head? Maaaan… you just have to be thankful that you are around to hear them tell you how they see it and who they are.

So, yeah, when I look at our first born, even with his head now foggy with the puberty drug, I am just so happy that I know him. This is the practical young man who is looking forward to getting married at 32, (I told him he has to wait until then), and seeing the look on my face when he tells me his wife is pregnant with my grandchild. Yes, he actually said that. Gosh, he's my favorite.


Now, about his brother... my favorite. THAT guy! Noah is a beautiful, sweet, and spirited soul. He rolled in at 9lbs 11oz (again, the hips made it simple).  I remember thinking he’d never learn how to walk because my Dad and my Husband held him for the first year of his life. But once the kid got going… there was no looking back. Whether it’s his legs, brain or mouth, he is in constant motion. Noah is the 'creative' who is quick to figure it out and even to quicker to do something about it. He’s super witty and supremely intent on being his own person. And quite honestly, that can be a bit of a challenge for us—but that is also a strong indicator that he won’t get pushed around and will be a self-assured adult (my Mom said the same thing about me).

And you’d do well not to be sensitive around him. He was 3 when after my cousin made dinner for us I told the boys to say thank you for the meal. Gen did so in his cheerful, bubbly way but Noah was silent. I pushed,“Go ahead, Noah, say thank you for dinner” and he replied, “I didn’t like the beans.” Whoa. Of course, I went on to explain the reasons why he should be grateful still, he held his ground, “But, I didn’t like the beans.” Now, that might sound like an insolent child but it also sounds like an individual who lives by his own code—no matter what. Again, that can make him tough to parent but I certainly dig his spirit.   *Oh, and he told us he doesn’t want to get married, and he definitely doesn’t want any children. When I asked him why he said, “Because kids cry and always want you to do everything for them and take up your time.” Talk about self-awareness!

So, yeah, these are my guys: my soldier and my warrior.  And while I could easily go on and on about their lovely brilliance, I won’t (I usually save their wisdom & silliness for my Facebook page).  I just know I’m blessed and loved in a special way because they are here.

Got that, guys?

Noah & Genesis (now)

*Now take a shower and clean your room. You smell like hot boiled onions.

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  • So I am curious - have you found that their core personalities do not change with time? My 3 year old always seems to bounce back very quickly to a resilient, happy state, no matter what the trauma. I am thinking if he stays this way, it will serve him well throughout his life.

    Cute boys - and I know their Mama had a lot to do with it!

  • In reply to jiyer:

    Absolutely! Well, I mean, so far that seems to be the case. I've heard it said and I really do believe, kids are who they are. As parents we are supposed to guide them, but we can't change them.
    And I agree with you, a personality who can bounce back from any setback? Your son is going to be one of the great ones... I guess it's a cliche but by know we all know it to be true: It's not the falling down that matters... it's the getting back up that makes all the difference in the world!
    *Oh and THANK YOU re: My honeys, their Dad is no slouch...but yep - They get it from their Mama! ;-)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  • In reply to Allison Hunter:

    You have a wonderful weekend too! I look forward to learning more from you as you explore the "Boy World" maze a few years ahead of me :)

  • Awesome- it's great to get to know your kids more each week. I fear the puberty that is to come, but it's nice to have you to guide us!

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