Do We Really Need Daylight Savings?

I ask you…do we really need Daylight Savings Time? The reason I propose this is because lately, my boys have been sleeping until
7:30am, which means I have been sleeping until 7:30am instead of getting up at 6am or earlier.

At this time of year, it is still dark at 6am, which is causing my kids to sleep in.  Even if they do wake up at 6am, I can convince them to go back to sleep because it is dark outside.

I have come to realize that my boys are like roosters…they are up with the sun no matter what time it is.   So now that the sun rises later, I have the luxury of them sleeping in.

I know most people love it when we turn the clocks back as they gain an hour, but not me.   Since we turns the clocks back on November 6, I only have one more month of ‘sleeping in’ and then I will be back to my regular wake-up time of 6am.

Maybe I should bite the bullet and invest in some quality ‘hotel-style’ blinds for their rooms?  You know, the ones that do not let any light in so you do not know what time it is…2am or 2pm.  It might we worth it to get an extra hour of sleep.

I guess I should cherish these days when the boys are eager to get up and start their day with me.   In 7 to 10 years, they will be teenagers sleeping till noon like I did.

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