A City girl does the suburbs

Amelia is a total city girl. When you tell her we are going to the Zoo, she answers:

"We need to take 3 buses to get there."

She is skittish around live animals. We were at our friends' home in WI and she heard birds chirping.

"What's that sound?" she asked with trepidation.

On the other hand, emergency sirens and car alarms don't bother her. She actually keeps talking as they go by.

As I have said before, most of her paternal family lives in the Northern Suburbs of Chicago (they call them suburbs of Chicago; I call them other towns in Illinois) and being that Fall is a big season for her father's religion (I call it our very Jewish October), Ame has spent a lot of time in the 'burbs.

She loves every minute of it. Especially going to her Great Aunt Mickey's house which is pretty much Disney World for a 4 year old city girl.  Aunt Mickey & Uncle Woody have a pool, a trampoline, heck they have a patio. They also have a toy room and a spare bedroom known as the costume room. Plus, 5 grandchildren that Amelia is amazed by.

It's no surprise that when we head out there, especially during a beautiful Saturday like we had this weekend, Amelia wants to do it all. While her suburban cousins watched TV, Ame hit the trampoline, the toy room, the swing set, the trampoline again. She kept asking her cousins when Fashion Show was taking place.

By the time we came back to the city, Amelia was in her pajamas and completely out cold. She hit her bed hard for what I thought was a full night of sleep.  Until 2:30AM when the crying wasn't her usual "I'm up and I want to make sure you are too." This was a painful cry that mothers can identify. She told her Dad she couldn't walk. When I turned on the light, I noticed her left ankle was very swollen. She couldn't bare standing on it, let alone us touching it.

After icing it for a few hours, we went into the city doctor for our diagnosis: "suburban sprained ankle." Well, he just called it a sprained ankle but I know my girl was a victim of her own suburban excitement. My husband, born in the City but raised in the suburbs, blames the plastic shoes our little girl wore during fashion show (the catwalk is more like a staircase).

Whatever it was, Amelia is on the mend and frankly she had such a good time doing it all suburban style that she is wearing her ACE bandage like a medal of honor or a nice souvenir.  I admit I was scared that my baby had such an injury. Her maternal grandmother says I should keep her away from trampolines forever. (See why it can't surprise you that I don't know how to roller skate & learned to ride a bike just last year at age 36) But I'm ready for her to get back out there with her cousins and play as hard as she can.  This doesn't mean I want to move to the suburbs. I'm sure she could sprain her ankle getting off the CTA bus on our way to Lincoln Park Zoo. Ay Mama!






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