The Next Peter Lik

Peter Lik is an award-winning, world-renown photographer who owns numerous galleries and takes breath-taking photos.  I stumbled upon his work while flipping to The Weather Channel one day as I was looking for the seven-day forecast.  Instead, his show, “From the Edge with Peter Lik” was on and Cooper and I were hooked.  

Peter goes on adventures each week to secure the ‘perfect gallery shot’.  He travels around the world and much of what he is trying to photograph is breath-taking nature shots.     

Cooper has become a big fan of this show and has developed a strong interest in photography.  He constantly wants to use our camera or phone to take pictures of things, whether it’s a cool sunset or his favorite stuffed cat. 

During our recent vacation toMichigan, Cooper utilized our camera to take pictures of everything he saw, including every room in the vacation house we rented…including the bathrooms.  

So for his 5th birthday, Cooper got his own digital camera and he was thrilled.  He carries the camera in his pocket and constantly takes it out to photograph a cool plant he saw, an improtu photo of Ken and I or his new Star Wars Captain Rex shoes as we were walking out of Stride Rite.  

He is so proud of his photos and loves the fact that it’s his camera.  No one can delete his photos or challenge what he chooses to photograph or video tape.  It’s all his work, and it is very interesting to look through his saved photos.  You get a really good look into what is important to him and how he looks at things.  

I love to watch him study objects as he photographs them.  How he will stop and take a photo of his brother Cole and laugh at the photo saying, “I love when he makes that face.”  

Maybe this interest in photography will stick or maybe it will be a passing phase…who knows.  Not matter what, it’s my job as a parent to encourage and support every phase and/or passion and tell him that he could be the next Peter Lik.

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