The End of an Era

Today is the end of an era for me.  It is my last day at a company I have worked at for 15 years.  I love this company and am very sad to be leaving, but things change and I need to accept it. 

I experienced so much professionally and personally while at this company. 

Professionally, I was able to travel all over the world, create amazing marketing programs I am so proud of, work with some of the smartest people I have ever met and learn about how to become a leader that helped make a difference to her team.

Personally, Ken and I built our current house that we love, travelled on dream vacations to Italy, Hawaii and St. Johns and started a family. 

A lot has occurred in the last 15 years and I am a very different person today.  There is no way 15 years ago I would have made some of the decisions that I have made recently.

For 12 years at my company, my career was my life.  I was so proud to achieve my Vice President status and I thought nothing could be more important than that title.  That is until I had children.  

Three years ago, my company graciously let me work part-time as a Marketing Consultant.  I was so grateful as it gave me the best of both worlds…the ability to work and spend time with my children.

New management came to my company, so I was a bit concerned about my job status, but I was able to maintain my part-time work schedule for a while…that is until two months ago.

In July, I was told that my part-time role was being eliminated as they wanted a full-time Marketing Manager to be there five days a week.  They offered me the job or some other full-time role within the company, but I declined. 

The Lisa of 15 years ago would have NEVER done that.  Money and my career always came first, plus I have a huge fear of being unemployed and becoming homeless.  I know…I am a freak.

But here I am today leaving a company that I love.  Making a decision that is not about me, it’s about my children.  I decided to walk away for a much bigger love…Cooper and Cole. 

Life is short and very precious.  I have small window with Cooper and Cole at this amazing age and I choose them.

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  • You are doing the right thing. I was a stay at home mom. Sometimes I wondered about that decision, but my daughter (who is 20) told me how glad she was that I stayed home! Enjoy!

  • I know that, growing up, I very much appreciated my mom staying at home for us. But she raised me to be like you, very career-focused. Now I have a young son and have been lucky enough to get a part-time position that is professionally rewarding yet gives me plenty of quality time with my Lenny. I, too, never would have thought choosing to be home more would make me happy. But it has - I am poorer than I've ever been and happier than I've ever been.

    Congratulations on the new chapter in your life!!

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