Fall TV Quagmire

I've done it yet again this year.

I need an intervention.

I DVR nearly every new fall show.

I love TV, and am thrilled the muckety-mucks in Hollywood finally realized that we don't want line-ups with only 'reality' tv, and have recommitted to the scripted shows again. Huzzah!

However, the thought of missing one of these new, scripted work of genious bugs me. I have to record almost everything I feel could be promising. Each September, I cannot find the time to watch all the shows to weed out the gems from the junk, but yet, I want to be able to have watched a brilliant show from the beginning. So I do it (and being sick has made it easier to see what's new- so there's one plus).

Prime example: "Lost". Best. Show. Ever. I saw the pilot and knew then this was gonna be a fun ride, and it was. If you've not seen it, or got lost even though you watched every episode,  it's worth renting, if just to see how they ended it. I've never cried more in a TV show than I did in this  finale. Those writers and the people at 'Bad Robot' (they do "Fringe" too), well, I bow to their twisted creativity, and watch everything they do.

This fall, I've liked "Person of Interest" - J.J. Abrams ("Lost"). I like the actors and the story line will lend for some interesting twists and turns. "Unforgettable" seems promising too, but I can't figure out if her remembering every nuance will wear on me or not. Some things, I'd like to forget. I laughed at "Up All Night" and "Free Agents", and liked the pilot for "New Girl", but the 2nd episonde left me flat. "Pan Am" is promising, but I am on the fence. I'll give it another week, just for Christina Ricci.

I did not DVR "Charlie's Angels", but I remember trying to sneak into the TV room as a kid to watch the original. (It was on past my bedtime). Did anyone see it? I spaced on "The Playboy Club", but my sister said she surprisingly liked it. So now I have to find it...

What are your favorites so far? (Just in case I missed one!-Gasp!)

I have passed this onto my kids. We get all excited if there is a promising new show and we await it's debut. Perfect for the 6 & older crowd: "Regular Show", "Mad" (OMG is it still hilarious!), and "Adventure Time"- all huge hits in my house. We've been waiting for the new "Total Drama" which we thought was due out this summer, but now says fall 2011! I'll be ready with the DVR when it's time. Ay, Mama!

(Health update: it's not my thyroid. Drat. Testing continues...)

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