Boys Will Be Boys!

Frances Ruiz, our guest blogger for today's Ay Mama!, is a licensed attorney who currently stays at home and works as a freelance translator.

I was never the sporty type.  I was never the super active one.  I was the girly girl, with ponytail, who loved ballet, jazz and dancing.  I loved to watch TV, read a book, and write a story or paint.  These were all activities acquiring the less possible sweat.  In high school, I earned the Sleeping Beauty award…not for the beauty part but for the sleeping part.  I preferred staying at home, that out partying all night (that changed dramatically in College, but that’s for another blog).  I loved playing dress up, singing with the curtain rod as my microphone, and playing with my beloved Wonder Woman doll.  I wanted to be Cinderella and Smurfette.  I was a girly girl.

Then I grew, got married (in my dream white dress, white gloves and sparkling tiara).  The biological clock ticked twice and along came two boys, three years apart from each other.  The girly years began to fade away… I became the mother of two very energetic, physically active, creative and assertive boys.  Always on the move, always on the go.  Javier, the oldest, has always pulled me as if I was chained to a very playful and excited Golden Retriever!  I manage to pull him back sometimes, but he just keeps going!  Like the Energizer Bunny! He learned to walk at 10 months, so by the time he was one he already ran and kicked balls.  Seriously, he was already kicking hard in the womb.  No wonder he now loves Tae Kwon Do so much.  Daniel, the youngest really fooled me.  Was it because he was born April 1st?  Maybe.  He was an easy going, happy baby.  Until he turned two.  He developed character, leadership and energy.  Forget about the second child being a follower…he is like a Chocolate Labrador.  I little more temper, not so hyper.  He quickly caught up with the brother’s level of energy.  I still haven’t learned how to do that.

The passive girly girl became the mother of two boys, oh boy!  In the past eight years I have played baseball, soccer, basketball, jumped hoops, bounced on bounce houses, gone down slides, and played tag!  I have had to develop engineering skills in order to assemble car and train tracks.  Lego’s instruction book, need I say more?  I have visited the ER three times already.  Did I mention I have not one ounce of physician in me?  I can now see blood in the face, stop it and actually avoid another trip to the ER.  My family sofa is one of the best pieces of furniture I have ever bought.  In eight years it has being jumped on, wrestled on, spilled upon, ate upon (from popcorn to candy canes).  It is still standing.

I never thought I would be so sleep deprived, so long Sleeping Beauty, hello night creams.  I never thought I would already be tired by 1:00 in the afternoon.  I never thought I would crave so much alone and quiet time like in this time of my life.  On the other hand, without my boys I would not be the more complete woman I feel I am today.  My boys do teach me that every day is a blessing.  That there is ALWAYS something to do and to discover every day.  That fear is a setback and that everything has a solution.  I have learned to have courage so they feel protected.  I have learned to heal wounds so they feel nurtured and loved.  I have learned to be more assertive so they feel safe.  I have learned that sleep is necessary but not a priority.  I have learned that tired and productive are not mutually exclusive when you need to take care of children.  And I admit that sometimes I just want to just chill and complain to my other girlfriends how miserable I am, having all this testosterone at home, and no girl to understands my girly needs.  But, when I dread another hyper active day or want to throw the towel because I am so tired, I can hear my Dad’s words saying to me:  “Frances, they are two very normal boys.”

Enough said, let’s keep going!

Live, Love, Laugh, Tumble and Roll…and if it is with your boys, the better!

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  • Frances,

    My niece calls my daughter Amelia a golden retriever. Me encanto el relato.


  • Gracias Ana! Yes, my boys can be my retrievers, labradors or silly monkeys! They all apply :-)

  • This is great! I get the former Sleeping Beauty Jokes, too, since I'm the only one of my siblings with little kids. When my step-son came into my life, I was so exhausted on the weekends. Then my son was born and I learned that my "tornado" step-son is really just a windy day. My son is where a tornado meets a hurricane and they have a baby.

    I now have a baby girl who will be 1 on Monday and she LOVES her purse and playing with the telephone, but she can create her own tornado: she imitates her brother when he does kung fu and can hold her own in a tug-o-war for a coveted toy. A ver como me va!

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